Protector Of The Flame -- Isis Rushdan

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PROTECTOR OF THE FLAME -- Available now from Samhain Publishing
Kindred Chronicles, Book 2

"In their bleakest hour, the price of redemption could be the death of their love. "

Before Serenity and Cyrus can embark on a romantic honeymoon, one of their gifts from an immortal comes to life and unleashes a devastating series of events that forces them to make an unthinkable sacrifice. To undo the evil of dark magic, Serenity must travel to the immortals' hold in Iceland. Alone.

Her journey leads to an island shrouded in mystery, where secrets from her past come to light...and she forms an inexplicable connection with a handsome, tempting healer who may pose the greatest risk of all.

Cyrus comes close to unraveling without his mate, but refuses to let honor or duty keep them apart, even if it means the bloodshed of his own kinsmen.

As the Great Council prepares to convene to determine their fate, friends become enemies, enemies become allies, and soul mates are pushed right to the edge-where love and faith is their only hope of survival.


“…a complex tale that deftly weaves mythological and paranormal elements into a vastly different contemporary setting” ~ Romantic Times 4 Stars